Adagio Accounting & ASAP

Integrated for First Nations Accounting Management

Adagio Accounting is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for First Nations organizations and communities. Built out of a partnership between ASAP Software and Softrak , Adagio Accounting provides all the tools you need to track and manage budgets.

Comprehensive Accounting for First Nations Communities

Easy to Learn and Use

Adagio is designed to make even the most complex finances simple. Quickly and easily navigate between accounts, generate reports, and track transactions.

Powerful Reporting

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets that require manual updating. Adagio Accounting is designed to produce reports for typical First Nations programs, including housing, income assistance, education, health, and more.

Fully Compliant

Adagio Accounting helps you stay compliant with audit controls that helps ensure all transactions are recorded and reported properly.

Digital Document Management

Store and track purchase orders, accounts payable invoices, inventory, and more. Reduce manual data entry by automatically linking PDF documents to transactions, and connect it to other modules in the ASAP system.

Integrated Approach

No need for duplicate data entry, Adagio Accounting offers an integrated approach where data is shared between all of ASAP’s modules.

Multi-user Access

Provide access to anyone who needs to record transactions and produce reports, while a financial officer oversees and manages finances from a global level.