Seamless Electronic Convenience

ASAP Direct Deposit Program

With a fully integrated Direct Deposit feature, ASAP Software is the easiest way to pay individuals or suppliers via safe and secure EFT bank transfers with Zero cost to the payee.

Convenience Built-in

ASAP is the only First Nations software suite that offers a seamless direct deposit integration, as a feature and not a separate program. Make payments, check the status, as well as digitally automate bank reconciliations.

What Does It Look Like?

ASAP Direct Deposit doesn't require spreadsheets, or data entry. Payment status can be checked in real-time. Transfer payments safely and securely to any bank in Canada.


ASAP Direct Deposit is time and cost effective, allowing for - Automated Bank Reconciliations, reducing administration costs. Bank charges will also be greatly reduced for your departments. Direct Deposit lowers the risk of fraud or lost paper cheques as well.

Payments Made Easy

By incorporating ASAP Direct Deposit into your department you can experience time and costs savings across the board. As always, our support team is available to answer questions and provide assistance.