Convenience at the Click of a Mouse

ASAP Azure Cloud Solution

Whether you want to access ASAP from the Office, at Home or Away. ASAP Azure Cloud provides an accessible, convenient and secure solution to do so.

Access ASAP from Anywhere

The Azure Cloud Solution gives users the ability to access their ASAP Software from anywhere there's an internet connection.

Reliable. Secure.

The Azure Cloud utilizes a Two-Factor authentication process to ensure that only the right people are logging into the server. The Azure servers are hosted in a highly secure Canadian location so you know your data is in good hands.

Multiple Departments and Users

When subscribed to the Azure Cloud, you have unlimited access. Unlimited departments and users can access ASAP at the same time.

Worry Free - Managed Cloud Solution

Switching to the Microsoft Azure Cloud is an easy, affordable way to make your work with ASAP Software suit your needs. The daily data backups, as well as the reliability of the Microsoft brand, ensures that your information and work is in good hands.