Healthy Infrastructure Strengthens Communities

ASAP Software Strengthens Your Infrastructure

When it comes to public works, you need to be able to manage your assets as strategically as possible. Otherwise, small problems today can end up costing a lot tomorrow. It’s essential to maximize your maintenance, to get as much value out of each budget dollar as possible.

Whether you’re a small, rural village or a bustling, urban enclave, keeping track of and maintaining your infrastructure is essential to your community’s health and happiness. And with ASAP’s Public Works Software, managing all your assets has never been easier.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain new insights into asset values, see the financial impact of preventative maintenance, and save money with repair vs. replace analytics. And with integration with ASAP’s financial management software , you can generate financial reports that help you make smarter, more strategic decisions about your community’s most important assets.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Upgrades

Know exactly what needs to be fixed, maintained, or upgraded at any time. Open and close service requests, schedule preventative maintenance and inspections, archive full asset documentation, all with a click of a button.

Complete Digital Experience

With ASAP’s mobile app, you can access key information about your assets while you’re in the field . Take pictures and document inspections all from a smartphone, even without a data connection. And with digital document management, you can access and store reports, receipts, service contracts, and more, all from one centralized digital location.

Full Asset Inventory Tracking

Understand your asset inventory better than ever by getting a global view of your community’s most important structures and assets. See an asset’s history, track equipment and system warranties, and maintain an audit trail to ensure full compliance. Get a global view of your community, or drill down into specific assets.