Sage 300 & ASAP

Simplified Financial Management

First Nations communities have plenty of challenges to focus on, but managing their finances shouldn’t be one of them.  Sage 300 and ASAP Software offers an accounting management package that takes complex finances and makes them easy and accessible. Designed to help organizations grow, Sage 300 can help you manage every aspect of your organization.

Simplified Finances

Sage 300 is designed to simplify even the most complex finances. Quickly and easily check on your organizations’ financial health with Sage 300’s comprehensive and streamlined reporting.

Monitor Financial Performance

See which departments are meeting—or exceeding—their financial goals, and which one’s aren’t, with a single-view organizational view. Gain better insights into organizational performance and productivity.

Automate Monthly Reconciliation

Spend less time managing your monthly tasks with automation. Find unrecorded or improperly recorded transactions, and easily fix and reconcile the books with bank statements.

Integrate with ASAP and Other Platforms

Sage 300 offers integration with many of ASAP’s modules, but also other platforms including Sage CRM, payment processing software, inventory management tools, and others.