ASAP: A First Nations Management Software Solution

Centralized Management for First Nations Communities

Today’s First Nations communities face many complex challenges. That’s why it’s essential to have a powerful tool to make managing that complexity easy. That’s where ASAP software comes in.

Specifically designed for Canada’s First Nations communities, ASAP is the top management solution, preferred by hundreds of indigenous organizations across the country. Take a look how some members of First Nations communities use—and rely on—ASAP.


Chiefs and Council

Responding to the needs of First Nations citizens isn’t always easy, but with ASAP, chief and council can get a high-level view of what’s happening in their community. ASAP connects all the major administrative systems—housing , income assistance, education , and more —and delivers a deeper understanding of resource allocation, asset states, and the general pulse of the community.


Band Administrators

An administrator’s work seems to never be done, but ASAP can bring some sanity to a very challenging role. With every aspect of the community at the administrator’s fingertips, they can get the information they need faster, empowering them to streamline their workflow and make smarter decisions—for your job and your people.



Whether you manage one department or several, ASAP software provides you with the tools you need to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Day-to-day tasks are a snap, while our reporting features uncover vital trends affecting your community.




Manage your community’s finances better than ever before with ASAP’s financial integration with Sage 300 or Adagio Accounting. Get both the big picture of your community’s economic health, and drill down into the details. Connect inputs and outputs from different sources, programs, and initiatives. Quickly and easily manage and track all your expenditures. 


ASAP software is easy to learn to use, and we ensure a successful implementation and user adoption by providing hands-on training. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff work with your team to show them not only how the software works, but to show them how it will make their jobs easier. Our goal is to make sure everyone who uses our software feels comfortable and can accomplish the essential tasks they need to be successful in their roles.


Whether you use one module or all of them, ASAP provides trained customers with unlimited support. Online or over the phone, we’re here to help you whenever you need it.