Tips to Work Effectively from Home with ASAP Software

Working remotely has never been easier with ASAP Software. In 2020, so many of us worked from home for the first time, experiencing the challenges and benefits of these setups. This year, whether you are returning to the band office or continuing to work from home, we have recommendations to make it easier for you to work anywhere.

Database Backups – We all know that backing up computers is important, but let’s be honest… are you actually doing it? ASAP has an internal backup feature that makes it easy to zip up those important files. Ideally, you should be backing up your database to a USB stick so you can take it on the go. You can even add a password on the USB backup for extra security. Ferrus Computer Services recommends backing up your database at the end of each day or at least once a week. Automated backup solutions are available for busy offices.

Digital Management – We have all had that experience working from home when we realized that there is a really important piece of paper… that is sitting at your desk at work. With ASAP, you can scan your important documents directly to the program. You can attach signed forms, pictures, government IDs and any other important paperwork directly into ASAP in just a few clicks. These digital files are further organized by connecting them to each corresponding person, house and vendor. The advantage of digital management is that you can take your filing cabinet with you. Save yourself an inconvenient trip to the office and scan those important documents before you leave the office. That way, when the Chief or your Band Manager asks you for that information, you have it readily available.

Access ASAP Wherever You Are Working – If you run ASAP on a standalone laptop, then it is easy to take your software database with you on the go. For a multi-user setup, ASAP Software can be installed on a reliable, secure Azure Cloud Server so that the entire department can work simultaneously on the program from any remote location. Furthermore, these cloud servers are fully managed so that you don’t need to worry about the technical details.

Whatever this new year brings, we want you to feel prepared. Rest assured that ASAP is fully supported by Ferrus Computer Services with our Technology Assurance Plan (ASAP TAP). We want your First Nation leadership to have peace of mind, knowing that your software is reliable, secure and always accessible.

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