How-to: Filter and Sort Data in ASAP – First Nations Software

The ability to sort and filter data is a key feature found throughout the ASAP software modules. Anything from a  Membership, House, or Income Assistance applicant list – right down to Housing Inspections, Work Order, and Maintenance records or by using the report creator. You can find, sort, and filter data with a few clicks of the mouse. The ability to quickly access key records and information within your database can make your job easier, efficient, and enjoyable.

Here are a few examples of how to use filters in ASAP

House Filter List:

Houses > Filter List > Choose from Available Filters

Maintenance, Inspections, and Work Order Filters:

Inspections Work Orders Maintenance > Choose Tab > Choose from Available Filters

Membership Report Creator:

Report Creator > Complete Steps 1 – 3 > Add any combination of filters using the + Add filter button > Print

Income Assistance – Analysis of Transactions by Account:

Reports > Select Financial in the top right > Analysis of Transactions by Account > Select Account Category > Select Account Type > Choose All or Only Specific Accounts > Print

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